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What is the BCR?
The BCR is an expedition vehicle built by TruckHouse that is composed of a vacuum infused carbon fiber house and an off-road spec’d RAM truck up-fitted by American Expedition Vehicles® (AEV®). The BCR is fully self-contained and self-sustaining, optimizing it for true backcountry travel.   


How much does a BCR cost?
Adventure-ready BCRs start at $475,000 including the cost of the base Prospector XL Ram 3500 chassis. To learn more about options and build specifications please contact our sales team at or call 


How do I buy a TruckHouse BCR?
For more information please contact our sales team at or call 


Can I finance my BCR?
Multiple finance options are available. Please contact our sales team to learn more at or call 


Can I use my existing RAM?
No, we only build BCR’s on brand new AEV Prospector XL RAM cab-chassis trucks.


Do I need to provide my own RAM for my BCR build?
Yes, but we will assist you with the purchasing process. TruckHouse is a vehicle modifier, not a dealer, so the truck transaction will be held at a dealership. We will put you in touch with AEV who will assist you with the purchase. 


Can I finance the truck chassis of my TruckHouse rig?
Yes, financing is available at all RAM commercial dealerships.


Can I buy just the composite shell or any other components?
No. TruckHouse only sells turn-key expedition vehicles.


Which truck models are eligible for conversion?
RAM 4x4 (60” cab to axle) cab-chassis with AEV PXL up-fit:

  • All trim levels

  • Gas or diesel

  • Regular or Crew Cab


Can I order a different truck chassis?
No. The TruckHouse BCR conversion is only available for the RAM cab-chassis.


Can I customize the interior layout?
The BCR is currently offered in one floor plan with many custom options to personalize your build.


Is there a pass-through from the house to the truck?
The customer has the option to spec their build with or without a pass-through.


​Where are you located?
We are located in Sparks, NV - 45 minutes northeast of Lake Tahoe. 


Can I test drive a TruckHouse rig?
Yes, we offer test drives to customers who have executed a deposit payment.


Can I rent a TruckHouse rig?
No, we do not rent any TruckHouse vehicles. 

Can I buy a BCT Tacoma Camper?

No. BCT production slots have sold out.


Do you offer shop visits?
Shop visits are by appointment only. Please reach out to our sales team for more information at

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