What is the BCT?

The BCT is TruckHouse’s first production model adventure rig. It is a mid-sized expedition vehicle composed of a carbon fiber reinforced house and an off-road spec’d Toyota Tacoma. The BCT is fully self-contained and self-sustaining, optimizing it for true backcountry travel.  


How do I buy a TruckHouse BCT?

Select “How to Purchase” to begin the ordering process online. A $50,000 non-refundable order payment and an executed purchasing agreement is required to reserve the next available production spot. Please reach out directly with any questions you may have.  


Can I buy just the composite shell or any other components?

No. TruckHouse only sells completed vehicles. 


Can I finance my BCT?

No. Financing is currently not available. 


Can I finance the truck chassis of my BCT?

No. The truck chassis must be paid in full and titled to be eligible for a conversion. 


Can I bring my own truck?

No. To be eligible for a conversion, the Toyota Tacoma must be brand new. TruckHouse works with each customer to order their desired Toyota Tacoma from our partner dealerships. 


Can I order a different truck chassis?

No. The TruckHouse BCT is only available on the Toyota Tacoma chassis.


Can I change the interior layout?

The BCT is currently only offered in one floor plan. However, we work closely with each customer to personalize the finish of every interior, making each BCT truly unique.


Where are you located?

We are located in Sparks, NV -- 45 minutes North East of Lake Tahoe. 


Where can I see a BCT?

Due to the global COVID19 pandemic, the next public showing of a BCT will be at Overland Expo Mountain West August 27-29th, 2021 in Loveland, CO.


Do you offer factory tours?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, TruckHouse is not currently offering factory tours.